Lidewij Mulder (1995) was born and raised in the North of The Netherlands. In 2019 she graduated from the University of Applied Photography in Amsterdam, where she’s currently based as well. 

Driven by a genuine curiosity, ever since she can remember, she has loved telling stories to the people around her. That’s how she found her love for documentary photography. 

Lidewij’s work stems from a fascination for everyday things such as growing up and developing one’s own identity to certain assumptions within society, like prejudices and cultural differences. 

Lidewij is always looking for intimacy and purity in her work. She strives to shed light on intimate subjects and personal stories to raise bigger social-cultural topics.  She challenges the viewer to think about subjects that are often easily overlooked. Ultimately, she wants to encourage the viewer to look around more attentively and gain more appreciation for fellow human beings.

Awards & Nominations 
2020 The Independent Photographer Portrait Photo Contest, finalist
2020 1854 Media Portrait of Humanity, shortlist 
2020 FRESH EYES powered by Gup Magazine 
2019 Keep An Eye Award 2019, shortlist
2019 GUP New Photography Talent 2020 

2018 Internship Rose Marie Cromwell, Miami (FL)
2015 - 2019 Bachelor University of Applied Photography, Amsterdam
2014 Basic Photography Course Fotoacademie, Groningen

2020 'Rotterdam Photo 2020 Transitions' part of World Press Photo Rotterdam 
2019 'Online group show #62, 100% Fun' Humble Arts Foundation. Curated by Jon Feinstein.
2019 'Graduation Show 2019. Keep An Eye Award', Fotovakschool Rotterdam
2019 'Scalene', Graduation Show 4bid Gallery. University of Applied Photography, Amsterdam
2017 ‘0031’, group exhibition Loods 6. University of Applied Photography, Amsterdam

Images for Skøn Products in i-D Vice Netherlands 
Images for Skøn Products in i-D Vice Germany
''For Whom I Love'' in 
Image from ''Construct To Survive'' included in the ''Talent Invasion'' exhibition in The Museum of Bags and Purses

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